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I thought that getting started again with writing would be hard enough. Not that I forgot about the research part, but I sort of forgot how it can sandbag your creativity!

Example: I was cruising along writing a scene where my heroine (in the pre-revolutionary Paris novel) was going to a cafe with her friend in hopes of meeting someone she had met there before.


As I was looking for the name of an extant cafe to slot in, I discovered that, like the ones in London, the early Parisian cafes were for men only.

Scratch all that, and reimagine.

But I guess that’s a big part of what’s fun about writing: playing God, and changing what happens to your characters. On the other hand, I did sense more than reluctance on the part of my heroine, and maybe she was trying to tell me something. In the time-honored tradition of characters asserting themselves, and bending the author to their own wishes!