This is a serious question. I’m challenging myself to write a modest 500 words a day. I think blogging can be a legitimate means of creative expression, and is certainly a popular medium—perhaps because of the instant publishing gratification.

But if I’m being honest with myself, when I say “Write 500 words a day,” I mean on my current WIP.

Here’s the problem: I have at least two, possibly three, works in progress that I could be writing for. Each is in the early stages, and therefore still gets interrupted by research needs. That means the progress is slow and painstaking. A writer friend described it as snail-like, and he’s absolutely right. I have to coerce myself into opening the document and facing that seemingly insurmountable challenge.

I would posit this, then: For people who are trying to write, blogging doesn’t count—unless it’s an integral part of the book. For just about everyone else (and especially journalists) it does.

Which means I haven’t actually written anything yet today, and you could well not be reading it either…